We want to see the world the way we were taught to as  children: that boys will be men and girls become women, that we know the difference between right and wrong, that the world is black and white, and that mothers are best at making the pain go away.

But we grow up and realise that the world is colourful; that sometimes the line is blurry, that the truth isn’t always clear-cut and that suddenly the world changes and we have to run to keep up. In all the madness of an ever-changing world, we struggle to create some semblance of order. We make up rules and in the environment we create, we limit ourselves to staying within the boundaries of our narrow minds.

We believe in giving people the freedom to choose but only from within the options we give them.

We want others to understand our views, but we’re not ready to listen and accept the fact that someone might disagree with us.

But we try. We listen, we learn, we write. We feel, we acknowledge and we keep going.

Carolyn Kitione is a student at the University of the South Pacific, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Journalism and trying to figure out what to do with her Psychology units.

This blog was created as part of the assessment for the Print and Online journalism unit at the University of the South Pacific. Now, it’s just a collection of words that haunt the idle mind. Views expressed are the author’s own and does not reflect the opinions of anyone in the Journalism Department.


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