Fiji Sun irks the people. Again.

Because when dealing with sensitivity, Pacific MSM don’t do a very good job of it. Blogger and J-student reminding us once again to read the damn Media Decree.

Fijian Media Scene

Media Industry Development Decree – Media Code of Ethics and Practice – Schedule 1

Section 8: Victims in sexual cases

  1. a) Media organizations must not identify victims of sexual assaults or publish or broadcast material likely to contribute to their identification even when free by law to do so.
    b) Media organizations shall not identify children either as victims or witnesses in cases alleging sexual offences.
    c) Reports of cases alleging sexual offences against a child may identify an adult concerned, provided they are not related, but must not identify the child, and must not include facts which imply a close relationship between an accused adult and a child victim.

Section 15: Grief and bereavement
Media organizations shall respect personal grief, taking care to make any necessary approaches and inquiries, with sensitivity and discretion.

Section 20: Taste and decency
Media organizations shall recognize socially accepted general standards of decency and…

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