Nat vs. Pronouns

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****NOTE: I refer to them as pronouns instead of preferred pronouns because I think calling transgender like me on the reference of preferred pronouns adds to another level of separation between the cisgenders and the transgender. I believe that ciswomen and transwomen should just be women and cismen and transmen should just be men. Thanks! ***

So, my friends in Uni (University of the South Pacific) (and even the ones that I forged friendship with over social media) are outstanding in terms of respecting both my name and my pronouns. I always prefer people addressing me with my real name “Tamani” because, I,  feel that this is an androgynous name; since in Fiji’s context, this name can be used both by a Girl and a Boy (And I totally thank those that named me). So, as a transgender, I relate more confidently to this name when introducing myself (as well…

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